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My Very Own Line!

As of about 8:55am yesterday morning, I became a fashion designer. If you're surprised, know that I was too. Especially given my only concrete plan for the day was a meeting downtown at 2' o clock. That said, I happened to come across Bow & Drape while perusing my daily blogroll. Two hours later and now having missed the window of opportunity to shower, I got in my car and rocked out to Jay's Tom Ford song, the irony of Mr. Ford now being a contemporary of mine not lost on me.

So without further ado, let me show you the first three pieces in my collection that I'm calling, wait it for it, Megan's Line. 

Having now seen my pieces, it should not surprise you to know that I served as my own muse. It was an artistic decision I made based on both narcism and a lack of creativity.  I like to think, however, that the line would still be of interest to anyone who is named Megan, lives in Texas, and/or has a dog that embarrasses them on a regular basis.

Of course the beauty here is that if you aren't a fan of my particular aesthetic, you can create your own pieces a la Bow & Drape. (And you can also leave my blog now. Stat.) It's super simple, affordable, and they get you your stuff within 14 days. They also have pieces you can straight up buy. I find this Ball So Hard shirt and Fries Over Guys piece hilarious slash phenomenal. 

Please excuse me now as I have important designer tasks to do such as scheduling a buying trip to Milan, taking calls from 
Miranda Priestly, and rolling my eyes at the spectacle that reality tv has made of my once respectable industry.

*Note - this is not a sponsored Bow + Drape post but I wish it was!


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