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As promised, I'm launching my new site, MeganSilianoffWrites, today! #whatwhat

To be honest with you, it feels a little anti-climatic. No launch party tonight, no talk-show circuit lined up, and worst of all I have a shitload of dishes staring me down my the sink. I guess I'll just throw some Baileys in my coffee and call it good.

So let me give you the $5 tour. MeganSilianoffWrites is my landing page. From there you can branch out to my three separate (but of course cohesive) websites.
The first is MADMEG - the boutique creative services firm I've launched and am already keeping busy with. My biggest client is in the green industry and based out of Chicago. I get to say things like, "We've been "green" since green was a color - not just a catch phrase."  I'm really enjoying it thus far and have even been compelled to recycle more. (By "more", I of course mean start recycling in general.)

Next is my new and improved book site. There's new content, photography, and information on here so if you've checked it out before, feel free to scope it out again.

The final site on my landing page branches out to my blog - which I assume needs little explanation because you're on it right now.  

I'm still waiting for the proper individual domains to take effect and switch over but that should happen within 72 hours. You can always access all four sites easily though by going to

 XO, Megan

P.S. - I just figured out how I'm going to celebrate my launch! Three words; Carbs for lunch! #winning



  1. The site looks seriously awesome, Megan. Super smart to put everything in one place! Can't wait to hear more about all your big moves at TxSC!

    xo nicole


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