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Gah! I feel like I've been in a perpetual rush this week. All the more reason I'm looking forward to going to Florida tomorrow with Mace and spending a week with my Dad. Hopefully I'll get some time to slow down, breathe, and step away from my array of Apple products. Despite the hustle, below is some stuff I've been recently working on and wanting. XOXO, Gossip Girl


The One Part Podcast
I always love the One Part Podcast but this episode was by far my favorite. Mariah discusses how she ended up owning a pigeon as a pet (WHAT??!!!??) and her surrogacy story which was AMAZING too but didn't necessarily top the pigeon situation because WHAT?!?.  People often tell me they love my story and that's a really nice thing to say. But honestly, my story is a piece of shit compared to Mariah's. You have to listen!

I LOVE LUCY.......and Paige 
I hung out with Lucy and Paige last night and we had the best time. I often complain I don't have friends or family in Houston but that's a crock. I have great great friends in those two. I'm lucky.

Macy has them. 

One of my favorite style bloggers, Natalie Dressed, launched a line called Style & Spirit. I need to order the positivity t-shirt

Stop it with the Cuteness
Mace and Otto, Paige's son, last night. 

Taking care of biz-ness
Both Thrive and Texas Style Council are rapidly approaching so I designed new cards  accordingly. I don't know that I'm completely in love with what I did - I'll play around with them more tonight but they're getting there.

My baby cousin got engaged on Valentines Day! I was texted the above picture while checking out at TJ Maxx. I started immediately balling and creeped out my cashier super bad. Congrats Kimster and Mike - love you both so much! #glug 

What I have can't be taught
I don't know why I'm sharing this video but I suppose that's a question to explore with a licensed therapist. Do your thang people - it's the weekend!!!  



  1. hahaha omg I made a video like this last night! I may not be graceful but I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and what's better than that? lol never stop dancing :)

  2. Stoked to see you at Texas Style Council next month!

  3. Can't wait to see you at CAMP! It's been way too long!


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