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Reflections on Valentines Day

I don't understand why so many people dislike Valentines Day. Who cares if its a "made-up holiday" invented by Hallmark? At the very least - your M&M's have a temporary but festive color palette! At the very best - you get a sweeping romantic gesture from a secret admirer. 

I think my very best Valentines Day was in college when I, swear to god, got flowers from John Mayer. Not John "Your Body is a Wonderland" Mayer but John "a guy in my college bowling class" Mayer. John had been tutoring me for an upcoming bowling exam. (We had to score a match the old school way! It was a hard hitting academic institution I attended.) I must been particularly effervesent without realizing it as he showed up at my dorm room with flowers come V-day a few days later.

I'm pleased to announce that Macy appears to share my enthusiasm for the holiday. Yesterday we picked out her valentines day cards for school. It was a arduous choice between My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, or Puppy Valentines but in the end she went with the pups. They even passed the taste test she gave them later that afternoon and screamed violently when I stopped her from consuming all 32 individual cards. Such fiery passion in that one - she innately understands the sentiment of the holiday.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love Valentines Day is that I can always count on one person to come through for me with his sign of affection. Sometimes its flowers and sometimes its  chocolate covered strawberries but I can't remember a year when my Dad didn't send me something. For any of you dads reading this, I hope you adopt this tradition with your daughter. Knowing that no matter what, I always had that man in my life, made me the confident, wholesome, and self-assured, (and modest!) woman that I am today. 

For those of you who still aren't keen on the holiday, that's cool. But consider buying yourself, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or as a last resort, me, one of the following Vday gifts. 

Happy Weekend lovers!


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