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My friend, Julie, invited me to a Valentines Brunch at her house a while back. Though I RSVP'd affirmatively I realized on the way there I had zero specifics about this event in which I'd soon be arriving.  Who is gonna be there?, What is this for?, Is my dress too slutty? were all questions that entered my mind as I walked in the door 15 minutes late. 
(How do I get there? was also something I didn't have the answer for.)

I walked into Julie's apartment which had been transformed into a Vogue spread.  The only thing better than the sequined tablecloth (what!?) was the mimosa that Julie put into my hand!
The guest list was small but included super cool peeps, like Beth (above) who owns the Houston based shop, Shop The Manor

Upon mingling some more I learned that I was at what we were calling a "Galentines Brunch."
 Get it?   Gals + Valentines = Galentines!  
Essentially we were creating another styled shoot - not entirely different concept than the Brideside one I wrote about last week.

Morgan, aka The Foodie Chef, (above) made a delicious spread and paired up with Lindsy Steinberg Events to not only provide us with a phenom afternoon but also give us gals (and now you guys) prolific entertaining and food ideas for the imminent holiday.

Like this donut hole kabob! So simple but so cute! 

I'm telling you, Morgan cooked her little but off.

After brunch we decorated and ate cupcakes as we complained about how full we were. 
Life is hard, no?

 From left to right;  LizzyMonicaEstherBethMorganAshleyJulieMe

A Fine Flourish – invitations, signage, calligraphy
What’s the Occassion Linens – linens, chargers, napkins, chairs
Bite Macarons – macarons
Manor – gold foil prints, coasters
Kay Bryan – photography

*Thank you Julie for inviting me and the above vendors for their generous and pretty contributions. You all are as beautiful as the event that you put on!

P.S. HUGE NEWS GUYS! I'm taking over the Thrive Blogger Conference instagram feed today! Follow me over there and see what I come up with! At this point, it's gonna be a surprise to me as well! 


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  1. Adorable post. Loved meeting you. I'll be coming back to Greetings from Texas to visit often:)


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