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Behind the Scenes with Brideside

I still have remnants of stubborn eye make-up and messy curls as I type this very sentence. Though the pictures from yesterday's Brideside shoot won't be ready for weeks (the photographer shot on old-school film!) my fellow models and I snuck the following pics with our phones.

Getting worked over by Rivki Makeup 

My 2nd look.  

                               Left: Abby Speaks Hair indeed!          Right: The entire crew via my selfie stick!

Floral/Styling: Jennifer with Jennifer Laura Designs
Photography: Paige with Awake Photographers
Makeup: Rivki with Rivki Makeup
Hair: Abby with Abby Speaks Hair
Bridesmaid: Meg with
Bridesmaid: Miranda with

It was clear that I caused some confusion this weekend when posting pics of me in the wedding dress so 'my bad' in regards to that.  I received many well wishes via instagram followers and even more WTF texts from personal friends. Though I'll still happily accept wedding gifts should anyone be so inclined, I thought I should give a bit more context regarding what we were all up to.

adjective and noun
styled shoot  -  when a group of creative professionals collaborate to stage an event for the purpose of creating images to be used for their website, portfolios, business, blog, etc. 
1. Megan is still tired from yesterday's styled shoot and is thinking seriously about taking a nap.

*Keep in mind that usually when Paige, for example, shoots a wedding it doesn't represent her aesthetic as a photographer. She's shooting based on her clients point of view - not hers. While she can shoot a S&M themed wedding (for another example) beautifully, those pictures aren't going to be something she uses to represent her work. Styled shoots however (remember the BHLDN one we did a few years ago?) showcase Paige's skill and personality in one fell swoop.

That said, I did lose my virginity last night. 

XOXO, Megan 



  1. Haha, your definition of "styled shoot" is SO much better than all the ways I tried to explain it to everyone. I am going to copy/paste that for future reference! I had such a blast yesterday and I'm so lucky I got to be a part of it!

  2. Hottie.
    Had a blast yesterday!!! Thanks for being the coordinator!!

  3. First of all, love the new design! Secondly, these pictures are GORGEOUS!!!


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