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This past weekend I attended Texas Stye Council
photo by becky murhpy

I've gushed about this conference enough here so I won't indulge myself again.

But Julie (white t-shirt) told me she's "Trying to hold on to everything from this past weekend." Touch√© girl. I've never felt so connected to my fellow community.

 Friends chillin.

photo by Amy 

My roommates for the weekend; (from left to right) Liz, Jen, and JulieI've never laughed so hard, stayed up so late, or fell in love so fast as I did with these fawns.

This girl. Conference founder Indiana Adams. I don't even have the words.....unless I go with "speechless" which I'm going to. #nailedit

Here's a few minutes of the discussion I led with Liz Morrow
And for those of you were in attendance, The Click Clique, is the article I kept referencing.

High fives! 
Love, Megan


  1. So on fleek.
    (feel free to Urban Dictionary that...its entertaining, much like my everyday life with thug 14 year olds.)

  2. This was the only non-keynote talk I was able to go to and I'm so glad I did. After your book talk in 2013, I knew you'd have some truth bombs for us. I can always count on you for real insight and advice without the bullshit, and I appreciate you so much for that. You rocked it this weekend and I can't wait to see what's next for MadMeg. You're the coolest girl on the block.

  3. Megan, it was so nice to meet you there at the end, I'm only sad I didn't make time to reach out earlier. I agree with Nicole above on your way to be open and real was just refreshing. It seemed to be the running theme with most keynotes. I'm so excited I went to your session and discovered you. I'm a new fan, but I know I'll be an avid follower. I read up on that Texas Monthly article and watched the video in an earlier post with Amber Venz Box. Those types of things are so interesting to me, thanks for sharing. Maybe some day we can sync up in Houston and have long discussions about this crazy blogging world and just life. My family lives there so I tend to be around there fairly often. ;)

  4. Great talk at TxSC by you and Liz: like Nicole said, some necessary truth bombs ("not part of the top 250? no problem!") and good ideas tossed out there that got my blog fires burning again. No nice meeting you!


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