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Saturday I spoke at a conference about best practices in air traffic control. JK but that looks what I'm doing, no? I guess I talk with my hands. My mom does too. She says its because we're Italian. 

I spoke about blog monetization and blogger/brand relationships with fellow Houstonian, Sarah, who writes Pretty Providence, a lifestyle blog about frugal living. I'd never met Sarah before but she was so great! So nice, had her "presh" baby with her, and Pretty Providence is legit. I especially appreciate that it has a strong point of view (frugality) in a day and age when most blogs don't. For example, I plan to copy this wrapping paper storage idea.

Sarah's baby was so precious as was her lil baby head wrap. 
It's from the Sadie & Claire Etsy shop and they, wait for it, come in adult sizes too! 

Stole this pic from Michelle's instagram. Glad you liked mamma!

The other person I was excited to meet/hear speak was Caroline from House of Harper. She was a thriving (nailed it!) NYC fashion blogger but moved to Houston recently. Her blog is on the top of my blogroll right now.

I slanged some of my books in-between sessions but you can always purchase it here! #plug

One of my instagram followers was asking about my outfit  My boots are still available here from Urban but my dress is old Free People. Here are similar ideas though. Shop it up @MegCravens14! 

Thanks to Thrive photographer Meg Cady (above) for the photos - though I actually think I took this picture. When she was speaking I picked up her GINORMOUS camera and just focused on not dropping it. 

Happy Monday everyone! I plan to hustle and GSD this week if anyone wants to join me in spirit. I have a meeting tomorrow that I'm especially excited about!

XO, Megan



  1. Great to see you, lady!! You really rocked the panel - you were genuine, funny and candid! Loved it. :)

  2. A few things...
    a. I took the air traffic control pictures solely to see what you would captions them a la your TXSC pumping iron pics.
    B. I loved getting to see you.
    C. The girl who owns Sadie and Claire is a girl I went to HS with... She was popular and probably doesn't remember me ( I was..err am still weird) at all but still! Small world!
    D, Yes, you did take that pictures thanks for takin care of me boo!
    E. I have already put your speaking points into motion and have a company sponsoring one of my TXSC outfitsssss! Boo freaking ya.

    See you in a few weeks... lets camp.

  3. Love that dress! You look haawwwt! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  4. It was super good to meet you! I hope you checked out Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Houston Hip Hop is LEGIT. Also, thank you for saying PP is legit. :) I am going to go finish reading your book now. (I'm right in the middle!) And, we should get together sometime!

    1. I'd love to hang out sometime. I'll email you for a playdate for June + Macy. Talk soon! XOXO

  5. So jealous, wish i had known about the conference! And dying over the air traffic controller bit, because I totally talk like that too. My hands are all over the place - it's kind of embarrassing some times, but totally a subconscious habit.


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