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The Best of The World Wide Web - May Edition

I've curated the internet for you as I do from time to time. Please enjoy.

I had an article published on GirlTalk HQ yesterday!

I am so freaking excited about this. Save the date - September 29th!

Northa Italia is apparently the new hot restaurant in Houston. I need to go!

Speaking of books, mine (99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One - A memoir about Cancer, Adoption, and my Love for Jay Z) is being given away in two different places right now.
On the Delightfully Tacky blog and The GirlTalk HQ Facebook page. Go ahead and win yourself (or a friend) a copy.

Don't worry Be yonce! Here + here! (Thanks Stef for bringing to my attention!)

My friend Julie started an Etsy shop for her greeting card line.

Hello Giggles founder, Sophia Rossi, wrote a book,  A Tale of Two Besties, based on her IRL friendship with Zoey Deschanel. Her tour stop in Houston is THIS THURSDAY and Paige and I will be speaking and interviewed about our bestie friendship. More on this tomorrow but to get the jist and city tour schedule is here.  

Bought this Target romper online for Mace as it wasn't in her size at the store. The pic doesn't do it justice but it could almost pass for vintage IRL. 

HBO Go is making my life though my free trial is gonna expire and I'll have to cough it up soon. The Scientology documentary, a new Heidi Fleiss documentary, The Fault in Our Stars, and Silicon Valley Season 2 are all things I've watched and loved. Any other recs?

I wrote a piece called "Why I'm excited to turn 34" for Delightfully Tacky's "Brave Series". Read it here.

That's all for now guys. I'll be adding more links throughout the day though so feel free to check back. The new keeps telling me I'm gonna die in a tornado today so wish me luck.
XOXO, Megan



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