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What's everyone doing Thursday? Allow me to make a suggestion. Come meet Sophia Rossi, CEO of Hello Gigglesauthor of A Tale of Two Besties, and according to this Entertainment Weekly article, former employee of The Hills, The City, and Glee! (Holy Shit - Sophia - you've been "leaning in" girl!)

Like me, Sophia was a huge fan of YA novels as a kid. Think The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, and I'll give a hundred dollars to anyone (not really) who read The Gymnasts series. It was my fave, being a young male gymnast and all!

Sophia's book is based on her IRL friendship with Zoey Deschanel who not only wrote the forward for this book but is Sophia's Hello Giggles business partner. (The website gets 16 million unique visitors per month! For those of you not in the blog/website/internet world, that's good. Like, really fucking good.)

Because the book and theme of this Hello Giggles tour is centered around friendship, Paige and I will be doing a little Q+A with Sophia about our own bestie status. The highs, the lows, the Halloween she called me fat, and other stories we'll censor to make appropriate for the YA's in the crowd. 

The event begins at 7pm and is hosted by Blue Willow BookShop but will be held at the Outreach Center of W. Houston (725 Bateswood) to accommodate the anticipated full house. My girl Rongrong Devoe will be there live sketching attendees which is worth the trip alone!

Does this sound like fun but you don't live in H Tizzle? No worries - HG is likely coming to a city near you! Check out who the guests are in NYC + LA. It's possible you got jipped, Houston, very very jipped! =)

See you Thursday!!!!! 


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