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My Religion and how it relates to clothes. It all comes back to clothes people.

Quick background and timeline on my religious upbringing. 

1981. I was baptized and raised in the Catholic church.

1990s.  My mom forced my brother and I to go to church while my Dad stayed home because he went to Catholic school growing up and therefore "had credit" with Jesus.

1990's. I attended CCD for years, an educational curriculum that culminated in a "confirmation retreat" -  a trip into the deep Wisconsin woods where fellow classmates smoked weed and some lost their virginity. #amen (No birth control obvi!) #rhythmmethod

2000-2004. In college my roommates held bible study which I attended and learned a lot from.  I appreciated the personal relationship that their faith focused on and felt more connected to a higher being than I ever had in Catholicism. But ultimately, I don't identify as this. Among other things, it's my belief that homosexuality is not a sin nor are Muslims, Jews, atheists, etc. excluded from heaven - if there is a heaven. Megan 3:16. 

2006. I got engaged to a super nice Catholic guy. I rented Catholicism for Dummies from the library and did a heavy skim so his mom would like me. I learned more in an hour than I did in a lifetime of Catholicism. We called off the wedding though and his mom did not like me despite my vast knowledge of Pontius and his pilate.

2010. Catholic Church Sex Scandal goes global. I feel good about my DIY excommunication from the church.

2014. I discovered Deepak Chopra. The Celestine Prophecy. Meditation. Buddism. Jess Lively's approach to life by values based intentions. Kale. (ha! JK) I've become a very spiritual person whose connected to myself, the universe, and, wait for it,  Style and Spirit. (Nailed that transition!) Style + Spirit is a super cool clothing line, created by Natalie Comstock, that incorporates a religion I do believe in - graphic tees. Graphic tees with the scripture that I live my life by; positivity, we're all connected, be kind, etc.

Quick story: I recently purchased the positivity tee and was pumped the first time I got to wear it. I threw Mace in the car, headed off to school, took a huge sip of coffee, and reflected on what a great day it was bound to be.



2015 - Danny occasionally takes Macy to Sunday school and I love it. Macy needs all the help she can get and in all seriousness I'd be incredibly proud and supportive (and relieved) if Mace grows up to be, say, a minister one day. To each their own right - including catholicism. $10 says my mom is currently crafting an email to me regarding how progressive the new Pope is and she's right. Be love and give love.  #kumbayah




  1. This post is awesome & you're awesome. x

  2. * Touche' !!!!!!

    * I agree homosexuality is not a sin. Nor that any groups are excluded:)

    * "MINISTER MACY" Love it!!!!! Church attendance would certainly go up big-time!!!!!!!

    * And yes, the new pope IS pretty amazing. Good call!

  3. Agreed. This post is awesome. :):) :)

  4. Agreed. This post is awesome. :):) :)

  5. Megan, you're a great writer and loved reading your thoughts on this topic!


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