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My life long dream of getting eyelashes extensions came true when I visited Lash Co earlier this month. And I'll come right out with it- I'm a fan. But I do have a few words for the wiser which I'll provide with you now.

LONG-ASS APPLICATION PROCESS-  It was 2 hours. That's not only a long time to lay there (my technician said most people just go to sleep - I tried unsuccessfully) but its a significant chunk of your day to give up. I get restless during the 45 minutes it takes to get my nails done, so the 2 hrs was intense for me. Obviously a 1st world problem but still.

PAIN IS BEAUTY - The first 3 days post having my extensions the bottom half of my eyes turned blood shoot red and it kinda hurt. At that point, I was dramatically swearing I'd never do lashes again. My friends and family just assumed I was stoned which I was (ha! jokes!) but it wasn't a good look. Maybe I just have sensitive eyes as I obviously have a sensitive soul. My technician did initially offer to use the sensitive glue on me but said it doesn't last as long which is why I passed and went for the chronic. 

These eye drops helped and the temporary stoned-ness wouldn't stop me from going back again. I think its like having a terrible hangover. You initially swear off drinking for the rest of your life but then a few days later you're like "eh, vomitting every hour, on the hour, isn't that bad. Give me a red bull and vodka, hold the red bull, please!"  

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKE UP - I haven't worn a stitch of make-up (except for lipstick) since I've gotten these bad boys and it's the best. My lashes are just so full (cue hair toss) I don't need eyeliner nor mascara. I wake up in the morning and marvel at my "bigger, better pair". 

BUT MEGAN, HOW LONG DO THE LASHES LAST?  I was told 4 - 6 weeks. I'll say that I'm in week 3-ish and they're still going strong. I think I actually like them best now as they're a bit more sparse and natural looking. 

BEWARE OF THE MANY EYELASH CHAINS - I feel like there's a Groupon every week from an eyelash chain for $89 but beware friends as you get what you pay for. These places get you in and out in an hour and are apparently way harder on your natural lashes then the Nova Lashes Lashco uses.

DEALS AT LASH CO - This post is graciously sponsored by LashCo which we need to talk about for a hot sec. The 2 hour service that I received is regularly priced at $350 but currently on special for $275...which obviously might be out of some people's price range. But they have an introductory 1 hour appointment for people wanting a very natural look for only $99 which  is do-able, no? Go to LashCo people - I'll see you there!

Have a good weekend everyone! 

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