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A Day in the Life

Sometimes this blog writes itself. 
Allow me to take you through the last three hours of my morning to explain.

-Wake up, begrudgingly, at 6am for a 8am shoot with a CCH photographer for an upcoming project/collab.

-Per the assistance of two different GPS systems I arrive at University of Houston, which is not where the shoot is, but I can't find myself out of paper bag.

-Eventually find the location of the shoot which is in the hood. Wait and wait for the photographer, with locked doors, getting more aggravated by the minute at her unprofessionalism. Call her and leave voicemail. 

-Take this selfie while I wait because, duh, I'm a professional model on the verge of a very edgy shoot. Surely this going to get me "discovered" at the young age of 33 and tall height of 5'2.

-Realize the shoot was scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8am......

-Start feeling nauseous as I haven't eaten anything yet and have consumed a massive amount of coffee.

-Really nauseous..

-Super nauseous.

- Start driving to find something to eat but throw up in this padded envelope that I had in my car. (I removed its contents prior to vomiting.) 

-Text this above pic to Candace and try to explain but feel another waive of nausea coming on.

-Drive over to TootSuite and order something to eat at the counter.

-Somehow order a $22 breakfast??! WTF.

-Waitress delivers enough food for an army. I realize that her and I someone a-strayed from the same page during the ordering process.  

-Eat all the food.

-Look out the window and get excited because I see cops on horses!!!!! Cops on horses is my favorite thing about living in Houston!!!!!

And that's where I'm going to leave you friends. While ridiculous things are still playing out in real time and I'm tempted to "live blog" them* I have to restrain myself because I actually have real work to do today. 


*The waitress just brought me a red velvet cake ball to apologize for the confusion. I ate it. In a strange turn of events perhaps this post is sponsored by Tootesuite?


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