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Walls Need Love

I need love. You need love. Walls need love

That's beautiful, right? Someone tweet that.

Walls need love though guys, that's what we're going to be talking about today, MTV cribs style, as I walk you through the recent project I did with Walls Need Love, a super cool temporary wall paper company out of Nashville, Tenessee. 

The hardest part of the project was selecting what wallpaper I wanted. I would, for real, look at the website every night before bed for two weeks straight, unable to make a decision. First world problems are just so hard sometimes - you know? I ended up selecting the Sketch Floral though and never looked back.

So here's what we were working with before.


I was so sad to say good-bye to my Ann Geddes collection. 

Alright, we're moving along here as you can see. 
Everyone say hi to Michael! 
Michael worked with me at Mad Meg before moving to Denver which was sad and rude.

Michael also showed me to use the time-lapse feature on the i-phone 
which was pretty mind-blowing. Come back Michael!

See how the floral print really opens up the space?
I'm so good at this stuff!

It's all happening!!!!!!!!!

For real though, SO. MUCH. BETTER. 

So let's review, shall we? Walls need love - I'm a fan.. They also have decals you can use to do cute stuff with. Like these donuts could be super cute in a gender neutral nursery. Also, someone needs to get this Adhesive Taxidermy collection because I love it but it wasn't available when I was looking as its brand new!

Walls are a big part of our country's history if you really think about it; The Berlin Wall,  The Great Wall, Occupy Wall Street. Wal-Mart. But I think this  beautiful quote by Lil Jon and The  East Side Boys says it best,  "To the windowwwwww, To the Wall. (To the Wall.) " Touche Lil Jon, touch√©.
                                                                      THE END

*This post was sponsored by Walls Need Love which I'm super appreciative of. Thanks guys!


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