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Candace (left), Julie (center) and I were recently invited to Lerant - a luxury tableware and home decor store located across from the Galleria, in the same strip mall as the Cheesecake factory. 

I'm gonna level with you guys. I didn't think china was something I cared about. I didn't register for any when I got married and because Macy has an ongoing food fight with her plates, and my kitchen in general, I often use paper. #sorrynotsorry

Five minutes in Lerant, however, and I realized that china is amazing, and dare I say, exciting. Who knew there were so many non-white options? I thought all china was the same fragile, fancy stuff used only on the set of Downton Abbey or by people in a tax bracket far higher than mine. 

Suddenly, however, I could see myself on The Real Housewives of Houston (because that's happening and gonna be a thing) pulling out my fancy plates and later throwing them at my guests in a rosé fueled fiasco because, ratings. Obvi.

Our job for the day, was to put together a setting, reflective of our personal style. 

This is what I came up with. Almost. I also had some fantastic zebra napkins picked out but Julie and Candace kept giving me the "over our dead body" look so I gave up.

And let them put the finishing touches on my setting while I posed for dumb pictures like this. We all have our strengths.

See how each place setting represents our personalities? While all three of us are loud and obnoxious, Julie's taste is very modern. Candace's tastes are more classic (ish. I just made that up. I'll have to consult with her for the correct adjective.) And my tastes tend to be bohemian with the slightest twist of basic bitch.

And now its time for the giveaway!!!!

Lerant is giving away a $150 gift card to one lucky person! (Enter below via the easy breezy Rafflecopter widget.)

P.S. Love to Leah Wilson for the photos, Rachel ( from The PR Boutique) for coordinating,  and Lerant for letting us take over your store.

*Make sure to check out both Candace and Julie's posts, too!

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