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Deep Thoughts: The West Wing & Islamic Extremists

Here's something you likely don't know about me despite having this deeply personal blog where I share TMI on the reg.  Some where around 9pm, almost every night, I crawl into bed, log-in to Netflix, and watch West Wing until I fall asleep. (Or until Macy occasionally gets out of bed and throws random shit from her room in protest of bedtime.) Which ever comes first.

I didn't watch West Wing while it was on in 1999-2006. I was much too busy doing things like THIS. But a few months ago I watched the pilot and was hooked. In addition to Rob Lowe being in his sexual prime and the show being entertaining on a surface level, the series, despite being over a decade old, is so timeless that it provides me context and insight into current issues, such as radical islam, to this very day. 

Just yesterday on the The Today Show the hunky Matt Lauer was going at it with "The Donald" about remarks he'd made about Muslims and radical islam. ISIS, Al Qaueda, Radical Islam - it's all scary shit, right? I've recently gotten a few instagram followers and their profiles are in arabic but all their pictures are of dead camels with blood, guns, and middle eastern landscapes. I have no idea what to make of it but I'm unsettled for sure. Probably unjustly. But dead camels? WTF.

Last week, I made it to the season three pilot of West Wing and this 1 minute scene was not only super powerful but provided a context so that I'm less fearful and more educated about radical islam moving forward. 

"Islamic extremism is to *Islam* as KKK is to Christianity."

Fuck the Klan. Fuck islamic extremists. They are both an embarrassment to their countries, cultures, and religions from which they claim their beliefs stem. 

Just another reason that Aaron Sorkin (the creator of the show) is my all-time favorite writer, favorite human, and the real person that should be running for president. Let's all write him in.


*Next up on this "Deep Thoughts" Series? A brief interview I'm conducting with my college friend (hi Jill!) who's an elementary school teacher who's taught multiple transgender students. How fascinating to talk to her about her experience!

This post is the first in a series I'm starting called "Deep Thoughts." I love fashion, outfit posts, & internet round ups as much as the next person. But as I evolve as a person (and hopefully as a writer) I want Greetings from Texas to occasionally reflect the meatier, profound subjects I'm also interested in (social issues, spirituality, etc.) Basically I want to be Lisa Ling of This is Life with Lisa Ling. K, guys?


  1. It's a good show. They also drew things from the news & wrote them into their scripts.

  2. Josh Lyman. Oh my lanta. *insert heart eyes emoji here* This show is fantastic because it is so relevant, even today. One of my absolute favorites.


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