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Greetings from Colorado!

I didn't bring my camera with me for the long weekend in Colorado with intentions of being completely present for my cousin Kimmy's wedding. So while I have few photos of the five days, the ones I do have are pretty magical, just like the weekend itself.

I mean, beyond, right?

   Only to be topped by this hot pic of yours truly fresh outta my first commissary visit! 
                                                       AKA this year's Christmas Card photo.

Some other favorites that are self explanatory.

And whats a wedding without a photo booth;
Me, my sis, and my nephew - who I believe is making his debut on this blog!? SO MAJOR!
Doesn't he look handsome in his pink feather boa? 

 Oh, you like my dress? Enough now - I'm blushing.
 I'm wearing the Elizabeth & James Boa dress which I encourage you to shop here.

Sadly it wasn't my dress that turned heads at the wedding but rather my light sobbing during the ceremony that wowed the crowd. I received a lot of feedback on that which was neat. Just people making sure I knew Kimmy wasn't dying and stuff.

And then they were married.

It was a weekend all about love.

I'll say the line that we all feel but can't articulate without crying to the point of  hyperventilation; 

You and Mike, along with Cooper, are officially your own family now 
but that doesn’t mean any of us are going anywhere.  
Your family will always be proud of you, always be here for you, and always love you.

Yep, just typing it causes for waterworks too. 

Congratulations Kimmy + Mike! 


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