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Social Media Campaign for Judy's Mission

Earlier this month, a handful of Houston's top bloggers and social media influencers gathered on behalf of  Houston ovarian cancer charity, Judy's Mission, in order to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Given that Judy's Mission is a Mad Meg client and I'm a survivor of OC myself, i was so appreciative to each and every girl that came. 

TOP(left to right)  Julie Weinstein, Executive Director of Judy's Mission, Aimee Friend, Ailee Petrovic
MIDDLE (left to right) Brandi Lisenbe, Candace Thomas, Me
BOTTOM (left to right) Mad Meg Account Associate, Alyssa Evans, Esther Freedman, Macy Silianoff and Isla Petrovic

Here's why ovarian cancer is such a bitch and so deadly; there's no screening for it. 
Breast cancer has mammograms. Ovarian cancer has nothing. So by the time we find it in someone, it's usually far along and therefore the overall survival rate isn't great. 

The other problem is there is no universal symptom. With breast cancer, a woman feels a lump, she goes to the doc, scared shitless sure, but she knows to go and why. With ovarian cancer, when a woman experiences back pain, bloating, or any urinary symptoms - doctors (or us as patients) often chalk it up to our cycle. That's what happened with me and why it took almost two years to diagnosis.

Macy hates ovarian cancer too. 

This pic of Mace and Ailee's daughter, Isla, is precious but also so symbolic of what we're trying to do here; take care of OC so our kids don't have to worry about it - surely they're gonna have their own problems with all the "screen time" and what not. #amiright?

Also, ovarian (and breast cancer) can be genetic (I wrote about my experience with that  here) so we, as a society, need to be informed about the BRCA gene, especially if we're knowingly passing it on to our kids.

Judy's Mission y'all, their work is important. And for the rest of this month you can support them by purchasing any of these products if you wish!

*Photos by the sexy mamma Rocio Carlon! Book her for your own portrait needs!


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