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Emerson Rose is one of my favorite boutiques in Houston. The price point is all over the place, so you can buy a cute shirt for $30 but they also higher end brands like  Free People. It also carries great home stuff & accessories; like Becky's Should I Wash my Hair print, this Texas love tee, and um, my book.  Emerson Rose also has real estate gold in that it's next door to Torchy's and across the street from Manready - both Houston institutions. 

Emerson Rose outfitted Julie, Candace, and I for our trip to Austin.
Both my skirt and shirt here are c/o Emerson Rose.
This is my booty. Macy's favorite word of late is booty.
No matter what we're talking about it will come full circle to "booty".

Photos by photographer Chelsea Francis who the following week did a shoot for Apartment Therapy - NBD.

These two (Candace left, Julie right) are beautiful inside and out. I'm obsessed with them.

Walk 'n talk.

One of the other sponsors I've yet to mention and thank in conjunction with this road trip I won't shut up about is GMC. They provided our sweet ride for the trip and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude (not just by GMC but all our sponsors in general). The cool things I've gotten to do over the last five years, for no reason other than this blog, is incredible. I don't take it for granted.

I know nothing about cars (I literally just had to look at our contract to see what this one was called. It was a "Arcadi Denali" apparently) but what I liked about it was that it retractable tv for the back seat! So baller!

It's Monday kids. Let's go get 'em this week! 


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