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As daily readers of GFT surely know by now, my bestie Julie, wrote a book called Oops - An Insiders Guide to Dating, Sex, & Relationships In Your 20's! 

Her book signing was a few weeks ago, right before I left for Africa, at Americas - a super dark and sexy restaurant, perfect for Julie's subject matter! I may not be in my 20's anymore, but unfortunately I've always been a little on the prude side (I blame having a present father who loved me! ugh!) so I've been getting quite the education from my friend. Her chapter on how to select the best Facebook profile pic was especially insightful and I changed mine promptly after reading her thoughts.

My other bestie, Candace, and I surprised Julie with a cake at her party.
Three Brothers Bakery did such an amazing job! (I'm not being paid to say that - I was just genuinely impressed by them! I can't wait for another occasion to order a cake!)

Julie making an impromptu speech. So impressive. I remember thinking the entire night that being at my friend's book signing is HIGHLY PREFERABLE than being at one of your own. You get to have all the fun with none of the worry or stress. It was such a fun night. (Probably too fun. Candace and I got in a random guy's car mistaking him for our Uber driver. Oops!)

Oh my gosh, you like my dress? Stop! You're embarrassing me. You can shop it here. It's super sexy in a figure skater-esque type of way. #tanyaharding 

My Mad Meg partner in crime, Alyssa, came too! Hi Lyss!

I'm thankful for these two this Thanksgiving. 

And you can be thankful that Julie is giving away a signed copy of her book (and condom!) to a lucky Greetings from Texas reader! Woo hoo! 

To enter:
Make sure you're following me and Julie on instagram and then comment below with your email address. If you want to leave a sentence about why you need this book in your life - that will count for two entries just because I think that'll be fun!!! I'll choose the winner on Wednesday, December 2nd at noon.

Photos by Rocio Carlon 


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  1. GO JULIE! So happy for you two publishers! Miss you and hope all is well. Considering I am married and was never single in my 20's, this book will likely just be insight into a world I know not of. Or I will give it to my sister - I live vicariously through her life as a promiscuous single 20-something :) And since I am in no rush for children, the condom will be a useful touch.


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