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Greetings from Thornhill Safari Lodge

 Greetings from my humble abode the majority of the time I was in South Africa!
Come on in, the water's fine!

This was my room at Thornhill Safari Lodge. I had to keep the window shut at all times so a monkey didn't come in - you know, just normal house keeping practices. 
Ugh, I looked relaxed. I want to be that relaxed again. I was reading Primates of Park Avenue over my trip - a memoir about what its like to be a mom and raise kiddos in the Upper East Side of NYC - the richest part of the world. Anyone else read it? It got lots of backlash here but a good reminder that money doesn't buy happiness.That said, I'd still take some. You guys got any?

I was at the lodge for my birthday which I didn't plan on telling anyone about. 

But then I met Bror, from Norway, a fellow traveler staying at the lodge who happened to have my same birthday! What?! This is us after some serious celebrating.

Maybe I should have posted this pic first. 

The one day I didn't go on a safari, I went on what was called the Panoramic route, to see various waterfalls in the area. Honestly, it was kinda lame. The waterfalls were modest and crowded with tour buses of elderly European tourists. I would have much preferred to skip this excursion for another game drive. But first world problems, right? Also, don't go chasing waterfalls.
We stopped at this cute 'lil breakfast/crepe place that day though so that was neat.
It also had a gift shop in which I picked up the following.

Traditional African underwear! I picked up a bunch for all my small penised guy friends. 
You know who you are. 

Have a good day friends. I know I plan to! Muah!

P.S. Stay-at home moms & working peeps with flexible lunch breaks!! TOMORROW my client and personal stress reliever, Sahar Paz, will be co-teaching a yoga class with Revolution Studio's co-founder and owner, Kim Syma called Shero Slow Flow. Tix for the class are $28 and include a signed copy of Sahar's book, Find Your Voice. Details are here! I know I'll walk out of the sesh feeling like a new person and am looking forward to it accordingly. Come!

PPS. Are you a blogger interested in attending Journey to Africa's Blogger Safari? The informational meeting is this evening at 6:30pm. Be there or be square. (Or more accurately, email if you can't come but are interested in more info.)


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