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Christmas is NEXT FRIDAY. WTF! While that's CRAY and I could write a whole post on how life is flying by and we're all going to die one day (Happy Holidays!) it seems more productive and positive to focus on these ten gifts du jour. 

While this round up of wonders bodes exceptionally well if you're buying for me, you'll find that they're suitable for any female on your list.  Everything here is fantastic enough for your mom yet impersonal enough for your new boyfriend's mom who you've yet to meet. (Eek! - awkward! Good luck with that.)


1. Business Card Holder from Nasty Gal ($18) For business bitches that ABC! (Always be closing.) 

2. Girl Boss Desk Plate from Nasty Gal ($35)  Lean in.

3. Mini Flask Holder Garter  ($40) Yesss! #1 Gift pick of the Year! Growing up in Wisconsin it was tradition to wear a garter to your Homecoming and Prom dances. Your date would remove your garter in front of your parents and as a teenager, it was an incredibly humiliating (and in hind sight inappropriate) tradition. Had my garter contained a little Captain Morgan in its core, however, I think I could have sailed right through (see what I did there?) this rite of passage. 

4. Mindy Kaling version of Table Topics ($14.95) So perfect for road trips! 

5. Flannel Sheets from Target ($15.99) I'm in bed, sitting on these sheets, as I type this. They are so warm and Christmasy that Kris Kringle might jump in bed with me come Christmas Eve. (Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!)

6. What I Know for Sure ($24.99) I've been depressed lately (mehhhhhh) and while I know she's  polarizing, Oprahhhhhhh!!! has been helping me creep out of the fog with this book. I'm not far into it but loving it nonetheless.

7. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish/Exfoliator ($43.07) "A mild conditioning lip exfoliator enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently eliminate dry flakes." - You had me at brown sugar.

8. Personalized Luggage Tag from Bergdorfs ($40) For ballers only.

9. Malin & Goetz Travel Kit ($30) This is one of my all time fave beauty brands. I blogged about it three years ago here.

10. Gold Cosmetics Case from Shopbop ($48) For ballers only.


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  1. That business card holder is too cute!


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