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My 2016 Resolutions

Here's a tip that'll help you keep your resolutions going into week 3 of January. Make your resolutions in week 3 of January. For example, I just came up with mine on Saturday and am still going strong. 

Like everyone else in America, I want to lose weight, work out everyday, you know, - basic bitch stuff - but I know it's just not gonna happen. Instead I picked four small, achievable goals that shouldn't be that hard to maintain. #famouslastwords 

Here's what they are;

The Five Minute Journal -  I learned about this on The Jess Lively podcast, where I learn about a lot of life changing things. The idea is if you're consistently thinking positively, you can increase your happiness level. I think I'm pretty good about this anyway, but like the idea of formalizing into a habit like this.

Keep My Car Crap Free - I used to have a SUV but unfortunately crashed it in 2012. Bye Felicia!  Now that I have a car, I have less space and crap accumulates much quicker; mail that I've yet to take to the post office, travel coffee mugs, random action figures of Macy's. I cleaned out my car this weekend, however, and it's gonna stay that way if it kills me, may I rest in peace.

Meditate daily with The Headspace App -  Two days down, 363 to go. I mediate somewhat often via guided meditations on YouTube but I feel like since I paying $12.95 monthly for the app, it'll keep me accountable.

Say "Bye Felica" More. 
Bye Felicia! And I need this doormat because it's amazing.

That's it kids. Wish me luck. Anyone else sharing these goals? Do tell! 


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