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Hi! How is everybody? Hopefully dying for a scintillating update about my life because that's what you're about to get.  Let's get on with it, shall we?

Nothing makes me happier than candid pics of kiddos with my book. 
Especially the bottom left one - THAT'S MY NEPHEW!!! 
If you don't have my book, feel free to buy it here. And if you want to share a pic of your kiddo with their book, you'd make my day! Upload it to your instagram and tag me (@greetingsfromtx) or you can email me! Hov!

Houston - we have a SoulCyle!

Me (most left and super sweaty and gross) with fellow girl bosses from left to right; Roz PactorEsther Freedman, Marla Murphy, Meredith Staggers

For those of you who that are all "Soul what"? SoulCycle is the spin gym that started in NYC and was made famous by its celeb clients like Kelly Ripa and Lea Michele. Despite the hype that surrounds SoulCycle, I was nervous for them coming to Houston as it's a saturated marketplace as we already have Define, Revolution, Ryde, and Ride (not joking - there's two gyms named Ride - just spelled differently) that offer very similar classes. 

That said, SoulCylce was pretty great guys. They hands down have the best merch - I wanted to buy one of everything they had and their space is so bright and clean. For people not familiar with these type of spin classes - I love them because you get your cardio, but they also integrate aspects of yoga with candles, moments of guided meditation/silence so you get your mental benefits too. 

If you're in Houston, def try SoulCycle. Tell them Megan sent you. They'll be, "oh that blogger that was super late to the event she was hosting and then died throughout the entire class?" To which you'll answer, "Precisely." 

New Restaurant alert - or at least new restaurant to me. Harolds on 19th street is where its at folks. It had been on my radar being right across the street from Manready Mercantile and Emerson Rose so the location is ideal. The food is great too. Harold's generously hosted my blogger friends and I upstairs where they serve southern and creole food.

Downstairs, however, they have what they call Harold's tap room and Alli's Pizzeria where you can INFUSE YOUR OWN COCKTAILS, pizza, and other snacks. Definitely put this on your to try list in Houston - it warrants it. I was sorta sick the night of the dinner so didn't have much of an appetite, I can't wait to go back so I can really indulge.

And, that is what's been going on in life lately.
Keep it real kids! 


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