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Guys - how depressing was my bedroom before I paired up with Walls Need Love

Don't worry, I brought you down, so I could bring you back up....

Are you ready emotionally for this?

Prepare to have your mind blown.....

Ta Da!

Let me give you the side by side comparison, just for full effect.
Just phenomenal.


I love my West Elm curtains. They're velvet and feel very lush next to my Ikea planters.

The "Megan Fan Club" card on my nightstand is one of my most prized possessions. Friend and amazing artist, Becky Simpson, sent it to me when I had my last surgery. I'm pretty sure she's the only one in the fan club, but if you'd like to apply, send me $100 and you're in. 

I collect Chanels and bags with Chanel like straps.  So far I only have one Chanel and 84 bags with similar straps but that's just temporary until I win the lottery.

Photography by Rocio Carlon

I chose the Grace Removable Wallpaper from Walls Need Love but they have tons of good options. They've since come out with this Retro Pop pattern that I'd love to do on the wall above my desk. 

I have Macy and my birth announcements hanging next to each other. I think it's neat that they share the same color palette - it's a coincidence as I didn't find mine until recently.

Thanks to Walls Need Love for making my room not suck.
I've been a fan of theirs forever - check out what we did together in my old apt. here!


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