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For those of you who have favorite bloggers and "you tubers" you know that "morning routines" have become a popular topic for them to share. Fear not, that's not what we'll be discussing today as I don't necessarily have a morning routine. The only consistent thing about my mornings is coffee, so I'll spare you from the scintillating details.

That said, I do have a morning "monthly" routine in that once a month I meet my blogger and business owner friends for breakfast at Houston's iconic Tiny's #5. We call it the Boxwoods Breakfast Club and about 20 of us show up at 8:30am to catch up, sometimes talk shop, meet with brands who usually sponsor the breakfast, and according to this photo, take prom pictures!? (Why are Esther and I posing like that?) #corsage 

You guys know Esther, right? She's the founder of Cuteheads - a massively successful and adorbs kids line. (Macy got to model for the line once here!) I LOVE Esther and like many of my friends, I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like. I love knowing I get to see her once a month, minimally.

Most recently, Houston-based jewelry designer, Andrea Montgomery, (also a personal friend of mine) came to our breakfast and spoiled us accordingly. I went home with her letter necklace which I wear all the time. I suppose that's a "morning routine" - putting on her necklace.

Some of the girls in our group posing with Andrea (center.)

Here I'm rocking Andrea's coin pearl chandelier earrings which are to die (that's a verb people) and layered on a bunch of her bracelets. 

Have a good day everyone!! Catch you on the flip!

PS - If you want to see what I mean about "morning routine" content - I recommend both Mimi Ikon's and Meg Biram's.


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