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Collar At Me!

Hi friends. How's life? 
Mine's alright- just living the dream and stuff.

I got this new "Collar at Me" dress recently and not to brag but people have been hollering at me ever since. 

For example, the River Oaks District security guard hollered at me because we apparently weren't allowed to take these respective pictures in The River Oaks District.

My bestie, and fellow blogger, Candace (left) also hollered at me lots. Only when the security guard was circling back my way though, so I could "act natural" or run, whatever my adrenaline told me to do.

I then did the same for her, our code word being "eagle".

"Looking good Can!! Shit, wait........Eagle at 2 'o clock. Let's move!"

*For details on Candace's look, hop over here.

Holler to photographer Kyle Weber for the pics!



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