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After months and months of you guys emailing me about starting a monthly favorites series*, I've finally gotten my act together to give my people what they want! 

Without further ado, here's what I've been loving in July!!!  

*I actually didn't receive any emails from you guys, but this was an easy and exciting way to introduce this post, and made me feel temporarily important.


Just when you think you couldn't love Jennifer Aniston anymore, her Huffington Post article reminds us that we're complete and fully formed, just the way we are. A lack of partner or kiddo is not a reflection on one's happiness or a sign that their life trajectory is unfinished. Preach on Rachel Green!

Topshop Leopard Clog - Objectively the perfect summer. Plus the price is right at $48! They come in brown, blue, and pink two. Buy two pair - you deserve it.

OPI's Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya - I haven't bought polish in years because I do the whole shellac thing  but Candace turned me onto this hue and I need it!

The Roommate Book - My friend Becky Simpson's 2nd book is out and it's the absolute perfect 'lil thing to give to your favorite college student heading back to school next month! 

Ali Wong, Baby Cobra- If you like Amy Schumer, you'll love Ali Wong. She's changing the game of female stand-up comedy in the best way possible. Delivering her act while preggo and having a bit about a previous miscarriage are examples of this. But I don't want to politicalize her stand-up because what's first and foremost about this girl is she's fucking funny.

10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris - I 100% believe that meditating can make me 10% happier and love Dan Harris' podcast that interviews folks like Mario Batali, Gretchen Rubin, and Ariana Huffington about their meditation habits. 

That's It Bars - I like the idea of Lara Bars but the taste? Bleh. I discovered That's It bars at a gas station of all places though and I'm in. The ingredients in the apple/mango bar are apple and mango. That's it! Ha! Order them in bulk for your kiddos on-the-go brekkie!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar - Now in Houston (in addition to Austin, Dallas, Denver, CA, etc.)  this place lives up to the hype! My first tips would be to dine during non-peak hours. The line is no joke and having to order at the counter is the one draw-back of the place. Two, and this is important, Uber there. They have an array of fun, creative drinks and you're eagerness to try them will leave you inebriated. 


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