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This morning a colleague and I had a Go-To Meeting with a woman named Michelle. A Go-To Meeting is essentially a conference call where all the callers are looking at a centralized screen or presentation….all the callers but me.
I try to engage myself fully. It’s just hard when I work from home...So instead of listening to what Michelle was saying, I half listened and half created the following list.
1.       When I say, “Can you repeat that? My connection is really bad.”  Its code for, “Can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening at all but now that you asked me a direct question I’ll start.”

2.       When I said I didn’t know what that weird background noise is, that sounds sorta like a dog barking, I was lying. I totally knew what that noise was. It was my dog barking.

3.       When I asked if we could “wrap up” by 10am because I had another meeting, it was not so much another meeting. It was more that Blake Lively was going to be on The View! I totally wanted to see if she was gonna say anything about Leo!!!

4.       My outfit for our meeting consisted of Nike shorts and a sports bra. Every morning I dress in this type of attire in hopes it will encourage me to work out. Everyday I do not work out.

5.       When I said I had to “click over to call waiting because the CEO of my company was on the other line”. That was true. It’s also true that my dad is the CEO of the company and was calling to let me know we were “out of pens”.  So, that was clearly urgent.

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