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Thundershirt Package
Has everyone heard of the Thundershirt? It's a shirt you put on your dog to cure their anxiety during storms, fireworks, etc. It was thundering and lightening yesterday in Houston so I immediately put a thundershirt on Booker. Despite this, poor Book was still very scared as you'll see below.

Booker, though donning a thundershirt, hiding in closet


still hiding

So after reviewing the following pics of Book hiding in the closet, I think we can all agree on one of two things.

1. The Thundershirt does not work.


2. Booker is gay.

And then I remembered Booker also has this outfit....

So yeah, it's probably the latter. Booker is gay.


  1. You are seriously my new favorite blogger. Wow.

  2. We have the Thundershirt for our very scared little girl- Sadie Mae- and it works for us. Yes, she still will go and try to hide in the bathroom behind the toilet, but she is MUCH calmer. She used to shake uncontrollably and now not at all. Of course, we got her the pink one, so if, like you say, "Booker is gay", maybe he wants the pink one, too. LOL Just teasing....
    Love the blog! Just discovered it and LOVE it!

  3. your blog is hilarious! but seriously, you should try mimulus for Booker--it's a Bach flower remedy for fear, you add a few drops to his water and it chills him out. I don't think they make a flower remedy for his being gay, though.

  4. Mimulus hey? I'll look into it - thanks! Is it safe for humans as well?


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