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My New Purse!!!

Purse: Chanel  | Photography: Paige Budde Photography

I got a new purse this weekend. I was excited!! Very excited!! I got the call Friday from the Neiman Marcus lady that it had come in. Actually, that’s a lie. I called the Neiman Marcus lady to see if it had come in.  We were both glad that it had. Me, because I was getting my purse!!! And her, well…let’s just say I was calling a lot.
Danny drove me to Neimans to pick it up. Traffic was bad and the mall parking lot was jammed. He proposed that I run in, get the purse, and come backout. That'd save him from having to park.  Sure!” I said as I jumped out of the car while it was still moving.
I emerged from Neimans glowing. My purse was every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be. I was on a high!!! I saw the Black Tahoe approaching me and remember thinking Danny’s timing was perfect.
I opened up the door, super anxious to show him the purse. “Ta Da!!” I yelled as I opened the door and showed off my new buy. And boy was he surprised, as was I. Not Danny though. But rather the large, black man driving this Black Tahoe.  
OH MY GOD! SORRY!!” I screamed as I slammed the door of this stranger’s ride.
Danny circled around a few minutes later to scoop me. I, very cautiously, got in the car.  
“What’s wrong?” he inquired. “Don’t you like your purse?”
“Yeah. It’s great.” I said flatly. “Listen….we really need to get these window untinted. Okay?”


  1. I just like the fact, that starting with the belly button and moving up, one may think you perhaps have undergone a major life change, and have decided to wear "normal" button down shirts, that cover the "normal" areas that one might expect to be "normally" covered. Then, as you get to the shoulders, you just couldn't help yourself.

    The dude in the Tahoe was probably like, "No shit 'TaDa!!' Never seen a half naked chick wearing a buttoned up button down?!"

  2. i'm reading this by myself. laughing hysterically, by myself. i really don't think that's ever happened before.... seriously hilarious. ...i'm OBSESSED with your blog.


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