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Let's get it bumpin!

I have exciting news about my hair. I bought a Bumpit! You know, the hair volumizing, leave-in insert that makes your hair flat to fab in seconds??! I got that!

The Bumpit has always intrigued me but to actually order from an infomercial seemed like a lot of work. Plus, I think it was originally $20 which seemed steep. But yesterday I was shopping at Walgreens. (Everyday, really.) I was checking out and the cashier was all “Would you like to purchase a Bumpit for $1?” To which I replied “Obviously.”
Needless to say I’ve been bumping it a lot in the past 24 hours.
Now, if I could just get the shake weight for $1. Then I’d really being getting somewhere.

Bumping It.

Also a big Bumpit fan, Amy Winehouse

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  1. Why doesn't anybody ask me if I want a BumpIt at the Walgreens checkout!?! I mean, I am there almost EVERY week getting things for ALMOST free. What a bunch of BumpIt A-holes.


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