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Speaking English

Megan and Danny Silianoff

As I've mentioned before, I'm not entirely sure what my husband does for a living. I know its involves law firms, software, and frequent trips to Joseph A. Banks. If you ask me to explain it further than that, I'm going to use the word "um" frequently or get super bored. Whatever comes first.

But this is what I do know. I know that Danny needs to not use his special work vocabulary when he comes home at night. I encourage him to get his IT on all day long but when he comes home he needs to speak English. (Preferably Urban Slang English - which is my all time fave dialect.)

Let me give you some insight into what I'm talking about;

Me: Let's go through our closets and bring some stuff to the Goodwill.
Danny: Cool. I can cull through some of my hats and get rid of those.
Me: What the fuck is "cull"?

Me: Honey, look what I wrote on Facebook? Hahaha, isn't that funny?
Danny: Yeah. That's funny. You spelled "weekend" wrong though. You should make a redaction.
Me: Redaction huh? I suppose I could do that….or we could get a divorce instead.

As a comprise, I'll stop using so much Urban Slang around my pad. And stop saying I want to get things "poppin". And calling Danny a cracker.

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