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Blind Twister

Remember when I said I was an Aunt? Well, today's post was going to be all about how I played Twister with my nieces. How they are strangely limber, flexible, and just overall amazing at the game. That was until I looked up "Twister" on Wikipedia and came across the following information which you need to read immediately.

Twister Accessibility (per Wikipedia)
Twister has been criticized for being unnecessarily inaccessible to blind and color-blind players. Some creative individuals have responded by creating new versions. There are publicly available instructions on how to alter a Twister game so as to be accessible to color-blind individuals[10] and to completely blind individuals.[11]

And that's when the direction of my post changed. Right there and then. Because, I'm far more interested in blind people playing Twister than my nieces. Aren't you? Isn't everyone?

So where do we start? I guess the first step is to stop laughing.......hold on, let me compose myself. Whew!! Okay, that's better. Sorry about that guys, its mean. I know.

I guess my first question is how do you alter a Twister game to make it blind friendly? I suppose instead of colors, you could use textures. You know? Like four completely different textures for the blind to differeniate between?  Like, right hand - sandpaper! Left foot - bearskin rug! Something like that? That could work.

I should ask my dad. He's allegedely color blind. That's what my Mom says because he often wears black and navy together. I personally think he just doesn't give a shit... But I'm going to ask him and get back to y'all about blind Twister. Because if you're at all like me, you want as much information about this subject as humanly possible.

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