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G is for Gangsta

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was fantastic - I came across this oldie but goodie tshirt and wore it all weekend. Ironically, Danny's weekend was terrible for the very same reason.

I don't why he hates it so much. It's clearly awesome. Its Urban Outfitters circa 2006. Maybe 2007. Not only is it cute and comfortable, but the message lets people know what I'm all about.

Despite Danny's dismay, I wore this thing all weekend. On Friday, I wore it to dinner. Saturday, I sported it to the grocery store. Sunday, I put it on for church.

And that's really all I have for you today. My weekend was fantastic! Also, "G" is for Gangsta.


  1. Perfect church attire! Apparently there are several people who think Jesus is a gangsta so it fits!


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