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A Touching Conversation between a Father and a Daughter

I’ve always thought the relationship between a Dad and a Daughter is the most special. I know the relationship between me and my own father is, as demonstrated by the following conversation we recently had.

Me: (To my dad) Mom said you have to have surgery. That sucks.
My Dad: Yeah.
Me: Huh. Well at least you’ll probably get a little vicodin* out the situation.
My Dad:  (excited) OH YEAH! It’s a definite plus.
Me: Well just remember, I think you owe me a few from when I had my surgery.
My Dad: Yeah well, your Uncle has already asked me for some too.
Me: Uncle Kelly? F*ck Uncle Kelly!
My Dad: (chuckles)
Me:  Do what you think is right Dad. Do what you think is right.
*Spell Check really wants me to change the word “vicodin” to “violin” which is cracking me up. The idea of my Uncle and I fighting over a violin is actually a lot more entertaining.  


  1. Welcome to Houston kiddo. I hope the folks here are treating you well. I usually have some extra Vicodin laying about if you ever find yourself running short. They come in handy living with the same man for 29 years and a pack of 6 dogs.

  2. This is why it's a good thing that the youngest son is having all four wisdom teeth out on Monday. I'm totally going to score some of his meds. (Texas blogger here)


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