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Hey! It's OK...

Glamour Magazine does this piece each month entitled, "Hey, It's OK". It' essentially a list stupid things that woman do but don't necessarily talk about. Like wearing bathing suit bottoms when you're out of clean underwear.


Dumb, right? Except I love it because, incase you're new around here, I'm pretty dumb. Tragically, Glamour didn't run "Hey, It's Ok!" in this month's issue which is why I've taken it upon myself to do it for them.

So without further ado, I'm honored to present Megan's Silianoff's

"Hey, It's OK..." still not know what escrow is despite being a home owner...and looking it up on occasionally forget  the difference between fiction and non-fiction...even though you are an aspiring writer and seemingly write one of those things. question your sexuality because of Mila Kunis. She's that hot. look up to Selena Gomez even though she's 19. think having a dog and having a baby is basically the same thing. be concerned several of your Ex-Lovers later came out of the closet. One is coincidence. Two is something you did. have Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit be your all time favorite movie. Shout out to Sister Mary Clarence! graduate from college as a Spanish major but speak little to no Spanish.

And that friends, is "Hey, It's Ok!" by Megan Silianoff. If you've enjoyed it, click here. If you haven't, try lowering your expectations and then reaccess. 


  1. That thing about escrow? Um....(cough)....yeah. That would be me.

  2. I found your blog through Coffee with a Canine (and I must say Booker is a gorgeous guy!). As a fellow dog lover, cancer survivor and aspiring writer...why, yes, I'll be following your blog now!


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