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The Wire and Booker

Today, I have nothing to discuss. That's what happens when you spend the entire weekend watching HBO's The Wire. You have nothing to discuss and you develop crushes on several black men in their late 40's. Like these guys;

Fortunately, today Booker and I are featured on Coffee and a Canine - you must check it out! And you must watch The Wire - it's amazing. Just stay away from my men.


  1. I don't get HBO and haven't even heard of the Wire so your men are safe from me.

  2. Stringer is MINE, yo. Don't make me cut a beyotch (you can take the girl out of H-town but...yadda yadda). We just started watching the Sopranos - so I'll let you know which Guidos I stake my claim to and then, in the distant future when I cannot get out of visiting my in-laws in Pearland, I will come and find you so I can stay at your house (I'll bring Percocet!) and we'll brawl over ethnic men. Yay!

  3. The guy in the middle is in his LATE 40s!? Wow! :-D


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