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Text Shorthand 101


My mom recently sent me an email with the acronym, “SOL”. Confused, I asked her what that meant. “Screaming Out Loud” she said all cocky. I was ashamed that my 55 year old mother was more savvy in text shorthand than I. (Even though I'm pretty sure she made that up.)
Regardless, I decided right there and then I needed to step up my game. This is the language of the future, is it not?  I spent the next six hours on this website and am now I'm proud to say "IFRATS." (I fucking rule at text shorthand.)
Here are some of my faves that I will use most frequently;
WOOF – Well Off Older Folks
-When referring to my parents.

TB – Titty Bar
-When brainstorming with Danny about where to go for date night.

RU/18 – Are you over 18?
-When I’m chatting in chatrooms.

NE14KFC – Anyone for KFC?
-For when I want to go to KFC which is always.

BOBFOC – Body off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch   
- When talking about Rumor Willis.

POTATO - Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
-I turn 30 in November.

UPOD - Under Promise Over Deliver.
-When I tell Danny I don't know how to cook anything, but then order a pizza.



  1. SOL means something very different for *my* generation - try "S*** Out of Luck" on for size, and see if it fits.

    Though, your mom may well have been "Screaming Out Loud" when you asked her what it meant.


  2. My mother doesn't text at all. SOL means something else to me as well.

  3. Yea, i say she made that up... tell her your faithful blog readers say so and that she's SOL if she thinks she's won this text shorthand war! :)

  4. Love the POTATO one. That's so funny.
    Tell your mom to stop being a POTATO.
    Anyway nice blog. keep it up.
    Check out my movie blog here:
    Comments are welcome.

  5. Headed back to Chi-town to be a POTATO with the old Metra crew. Here's to wishing you could join us...


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