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This is Luby's.

I live super, super close to a Luby's. If I were to sprint, full speed, to the Luby's by my house, I could be there in less than a minute. (Though why would I ever do that?)

For those of you not from Texas, Luby's is a cafeteria style restaurant, similar to an Old Country Buffet. (That's what I've been told anyway, I've never been to one myself.)

Because I live so close to Luby's, I often drive by and think "huh, I should blog about that." But what would I blog about? I don't eat there so I don't have much to say. And then it happened.

Mmm, I love Blackened Chicken "Brest."

 It's amazing, yes? TRAGICALLY, Danny was out of town when I spotted this gem. I would have given anything to have my picture taken with the sign. Unfortunately, I had to settle for the next best thing, which was Booker's picture with the sign.

 Booker loves Chicken Brest 
And now, I'd like to officially announce that Luby's is my favorite restaurant in Texas. The End.


  1. Haaaaaaahahaha your "what people are saying about this blog" is the best I've ever read!

    Found your blog through blog hopping and had to say hi! I'm in Waco!

    Happy Monday!


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  3. I like their Chicken Tetrazzini. Which I ate for Thankgiving Day 2008, at that very Luby's.


  4. Pssst...Luby's is pretty much guaranteed to have at least 70% occupancy by women with blue hair, men that have more hair in their ears than on the top of their heads, and a high concentration of fried food.

    Pretty much the best cafeteria there is.

  5. I am terrified of Luby's. Well, of all cafeteria-style restaurants, actually. I don't understand how they work.

    Maybe "brest" is not a misspelling, but rather differently spelled for legal reasons.

  6. Try Gio's pizza in Dickerson (I think) was the only thing that kept weight on me during radiation at MDA. I go back every check up; I'd like to think their white pizza saved my life but actually it's just an excuse to eat the whole damn thing.


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