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Change of Plans

So, change of plans this morning. I had intended on going to Starbucks to get some work done, as that environment provides less distractions than my home.

Instead, I'm hiding in my closet, desperately scared of the TORNADO WARNING that's been issued for Houston.

I guess I'll just go to Starbucks tomorrow.

And today, I'll focus on not dying.

Booker wasn't in the mood for photos.
 His thundershirt doesn't work in tornado-ish situations.

Also, I'm starving. I'd love it if I could get someone to deliver a pizza to this closet.


  1. hope it's not too bad out there! I have to drive home from work later on!

  2. I'm so sorry! Be safe (and order a pizza). Poor Booker! My dog was a wretched pain last night with all the rain. I may have to invest in this thunder-shirt. Or some doggy benadryl.

  3. good luck in the storms - hope they have passed by now :)

    stopping by from mingle monday

  4. Hey girl! Happy Monday! I moved your monthly blog ad off of the sidebar, but just shoot me an e-mail (megnificentlife (at) gmail (dot) com) if you would like to renew! Thanks!! :)

  5. Stay safe!! I remember that from when I went to college in Central TX...NO FUN! Hope you've been able to get out and get yourself some food!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday :)

  6. the weather was crazy today!! hope you survived?

  7. Oh how scary! Glad to see you made it through!

  8. I'd take the closet too. As long as I still had cell service. I see from the news today that you got alot of rain. Did the thunder shirt work?

  9. um your dog and my dog should be best friends. your pup is wayyy cute


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