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Business in front, Party in the back

Business in front, party in the back. - I know that saying is usually reserved for mullets. But I think it works for this outfit as well.

Shirt: American Gold, purchased at my new fave store in Houston, Settlement Goods & Design Jeans: Levis Belt: thrifted (this one from my newest sponsor would be cute too) 

Which brings me to my next point, which is technically a question.

Question: What comes before Part B?

Anwser: Part AAAAAA!!!!

HaHaHa! That was my favorite joke in college.  (Did I mention I was super cool in college?)

Because I love this shirt so much, I've actually been considering taking the plunge and getting a mullet. But then I recall the last time I took a "hair" plunge and remember it didn't turn out so well. If you read this blog often, I'm sure you remember it too.

For more information about this amazing haircut, click here.

What do you guys think? Who is a fan of this mullet shirt? More importantly, who is a fan of mullets in general?

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