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Take-Aways from TX Style Council

I've been struggling in deciding how to recap my experience this weekend at Texas Style Council.  But after some serious reflecting, I think TXSC's keynote speaker and blogging champion, Kendi, did my job for me. (For free!)

Touche Girl!

I headed to Austin with the goal of learning what, specifically, I could do to catapult me into blogging greatness. As documented on my FAQ page, my goal in blogging has always been to become a celeb with regular appearances in US Weekly.

I left TXSC, however, with vastly different ambitions. The truth is my blog is always going to be, well, just a blog. I'm not curing cancer here nor am I doing anything remotely profound. So if my only motivation behind Greetings from Texas is to become the world's next Perez Hilton, I'm going to live a life of perpetual disappointment.

Instead, effective immediately, I'm going to focus my energy on simply enjoying the process. Enjoying the process of blogging. Of writing. Of making  impromptu videos at the hospital with Danny.  If cool opportunities eventually come my way because of it that's great. But if they don't, that's cool too. Because I'm keeping this blog for me. That means no more stressing if I don't post every single day. Or worrying about not having a Google Plus page. (Seriously, WTF is Google Plus?) Or agonizing about how I'll post next week, even though I'll be in NYC pitching my book.

That's my take away from TX Style Council. Stop worrying about what my blogging career will amount to, (if anything), and instead, just enjoy the process. That - and of course the fact that Texas Style Council if f-ing legit.

Here are some pics from the weekend to prove it.

My make-up guru, Kristina, from Pretty Shiny Sparkly!

Remember Jentine from her "Meg's Must-Reads" feature? She's cool.
As is my new buddy, Erin.

New Bestie Alert! Kirsten from Triple Max Tons

Enough said.

For more pics from this weekend check out the Greetings from Texas Facebook page. It's a must so you can meet my new friends Michelle, Lauren, Sofia, Jesse, and Hilary.

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