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I'm Blogging about Books

I go to Barnes & Noble often as documented here.  Last week when I was there, I spent a lot of time scrutinizing a rack called "Last Chance Books".

"Last Chance Books" at Barnes & Noble

 "Last Chance Books" appears to be a collection of titles that aren't selling and marked down accordingly. After perusing the the collection, however, I wasn't very surprised that some of these titles weren't selling.

Take this one for example.

You're kidding! A book, I'm sorry, a DIRECTORY, about knots didn't just fly off the shelves? Shocker!

Or this one...

What?! Who doesn't want to read a book all about...backs?
What compelling subject matter!

Barnes & Noble got it wrong on this next one however. 

What?! Clearance?! More like Pulitzer Prize!

Needless to say I bought this book immediately and I'm enjoying it thoroughly - especially the chapter titled "Boys".

It's the best $7.98 I ever spent.

Alright, it's time to own up. Who else owns Kardashian Konfidential? Or, perhaps more interestingly, who owns that Knot Book? 

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