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Poshmark Presents

ALAS! Texas Style Council weekend is finally here!

Though I'm excited about everything this weekend, Saturday night's party, sponsored by Poshmark, is definitely up there.

Are you thinking, WTF is Poshmark? Good, because I'm going to tell you now.

Poshmark is a free iphone app that enables woman throughout the country to shop one anothers closets.  Though I'll be attending the party, live, on Saturday night, you can all come too - virtually.

The theme of Saturday's party is "Party Dresses" and I'll be selling three of my own. 

My Thanksgiving dress. (Click here to see it.) 

This dress.

And I'll tweet a pic of the 3rd dress later today.
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So download the free Poshmark app and shop not just my closet, but the closets of my fellow attendees. (Did I mention Kendi is an attendee? As is Jentine. And Kristina!)

Have a great weekend everyone.
Hope to party with you Saturday - let's get wild.

*The party is from 8-10pm CST.
*And by wild, I mean stuff like this.

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