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See Beautiful

'See Beautiful' is a movement attempting to make the world a better place. It's about seeing the beauty we inherently possess, as opposed to letting pop culture dictate it for us.

I'm telling you about 'See Beautiful' because you should know about it. We all should. We should try to incorporate the message into our daily lives.

I'm also telling you about 'See Beautiful' because, well, they're featuring me today and I'm vain like that. =)

I've been featured on See Beautiful before - once when I thought Booker was dying and once when I made a video about Starbucks. But this feature I'm especially excited about, (and super honored) because they've named Greetings from Texas their "Blog of the month". I'm pretty sure doing so was in error, I've always thought my blog was more obnoxious than it was beautiful...but, whatever, I'll take it.

Here's the link to the feature!

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