TXSC Swag Bag Giveaway

I came home from TX Style Council with a lot of free swag. So much so that I wanted to do a giveaway with it, just to show my appreciation to all of you that read this silly little blog.

This is the swag bag someone will receive, complete with 
the following necklace and bracelet.

 Legends of El Dorado Gold Locket Necklace
And may I suggest my senior picture for the the locket?

Plus commuter flats extremely similar to these, lip stuff, nail stuff, a lock of
my hair, and A FREE CAR!

Giveaway Directions (or lack thereof)
Just enter your email address below in the comments section!

No requirements or catches with this one! =) Though if you want to follow me on Twitter or  w/ Google Friend Connect I won't be mad.

*Giveaway closes Tuesday (March 20th) at noon when I pick a winner at random.
*Disclosure: this is not a compensated post, nor is it a sponsored giveaway.
* I'm lying, obviously, about the free car. I'm not lying, obviously, about the lock of hair.


  1. jenborst@att.net

  2. Msafeatthird2@yahoo.com
    I'm super excited!!!!!!

  3. Mderryberry@comcast.net
    Some physical swag to go along with my personal swag would just be a BONUS! ;)

  4. Tom.baruffi@gmail.com
    For my daughter, of course... (trying to think of something witty to say, but hey - it's Friday and i am relegated to either thinking or typing)

  5. heather2917@yahoo.com

    I really need some swag. I am swagless which is what happens when you have kids and then have to keep them up in swag while you suffer in swag free silence.

  6. Jenyphero@gmail.com

    This would be swagtastic!

  7. Very nice ;)
    Can a Girl from Denmark be the lucky one?


  8. angiepelech@gmail.com



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