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The 80's called. They want my sweatshirt back. Obviously I hung up immediately.

I bought this sweatshirt yesterday at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks. It reminded me of my Grandpa as he always used to rock solid colored sweatshirts.

 I suppose I should clarify, the sweatshirt was reminisent of my Grandpa, prior to me attacking it with scissors and cutting the neck out of it. Had it reminded me of my Grandpa post neck cut, I probably wouldn't be here, as clearly my Grandpa would've been gay.

I got this bag at a thrift store too!
It's not Chanel but I want you to think that it is. K?

Danny, on the other hand, wasn't reminded of my Gramps by this outifit. He thought it was more  "Flashdance."  I had no idea what that was so I googled it. This was the first picture that came up.

This is why I should have married someone my own age. Had Danny's old ass never said anything,  I could have gone about today thinking my outfit was cute. Or at least gotten something done. Now - I'll be on the couch, watching this movie because from what I gathered, it sounds fantastic! Dance? Romance? My sweatshirt? Yes please.

Happy Friday y'all!


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