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This weekend Danny brought me back to the small town that he grew up in - Lufkin,Texas.  Lufkin is two hours outside of Houston in what's considered "East Texas".  

My Lufkin experience began at the hoedown which was pretty fun. Especially since we don't have hoedowns in Houston.

Hoes, sure. Hoedowns, not so much.

And then, it got even better. Because driving home from the hoedown I saw this.

Just a man and his horse leaving the Kmart, and trotted (cantored?) along to what appeared to be the Ihop.

I suppose I should apologize now to the cars behind me when I spotted this scene. Because instead of driving off when the light turned green, I opted to get more footage.

For example, I thought it was important to document my reaction to seeing the horse.

And video. I thought video was absolutely essential.

Needless to say, I throughly enjoyed my trip to Lufkin.

Probably considerably more than Lufkin enjoyed having me....

But enjoyed nonetheless.

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