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Ghetto to Gorgeous

A makeover has been conducted in The Silianoff household!  Our office has gone from ghetto to gorgeous. It's really quite exciting. The only problem, of course, is that I'm still ghetto. (A hood rat actually.) But that is now masked by the gorgeous and classy space in which I conduct my business.

Don't take my word for it though. (As in werd up.) Here are the pics to prove it!

This is my office BEFORE.  

 Are you boo-ing? You should be booing...

This is my office AFTER...

Are you clapping?! You should be clapping!

If you follow me on Pinterest (click here to do so) you know that this art is stolen from there. I simply pinned them, blew them up, and printed them out. Is that legal? Not sure. Do I care? Not really.

Here we have the shelving portion of my office. Danny hung these while I commented on the process. "Why are you sweating so much? It's just shelves." 

one. My Chanel box from this day  two. fake flowers from this day  three. a really sweet note from my dad  four. my new business cards!   five. my TX Style Council pic

I think my dry erase board is my favorite part of the office. As you can see, I've broken into down into my goals vs. accomplishments. The idea being, if I can keep these things in front of me, I'll stay focused and motivated all day......and not walk out into the living room and watch Bravo's Shahs of Sunset...which is fantastic television programming..

And lastly, I have my lovelies. More framed "art", from Pinterest and Elle Magazine. Love these girls! (With the exception of this very top left chick. I have no idea who she is but she's stunning. I've been calling her "random girl.")

From left to right: Random Girl, Blake Lively, Ashley Olson

From left to right: Alexa Chung and Blake Lively

*If you like this art, then surely you'll want to follow me on Pinterest. If you hate this art, then follow me on Twitter. =)

And that y'all is my "ghetto to gorgeous" office transformation. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Talk to me!

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